Your dream body, what’s keeping you from getting and keeping it.

By realizing that habits can be the reason for not reaching your body goals, you are one step closer to attaining your dream body.


Knowing which habits play a role and how to break those habits is where it gets interesting, very interesting.

Psychology, biology, sociology, and neurology are all at play. Let’s dig into it.

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Voorkom rugblessures – leer deadliften!

De meest voorkomende lichamelijke klachten zijn rugklachten.
Iedereen kent wel iemand met rugklachten of lijdt er zelf onder – en dat is erg jammer.

Als je zelf al een keer rugklachten hebt gehad, van welke gradatie dan ook, dan weet je hoe verschrikkelijk het is om een beperking in bewegingsvrijheid te hebben.

Wat is er kostbaarder dan bewegingsvrijheid? De vrijheid om te kunnen doen wat je leuk en belangrijk vindt?

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Brace timing – improve your progress

Brace timing.

This post is for the more advanced trainees and athletes who know the finer techniques with regards to breathing down and bracing properly. If you’re not sure what I mean with breathing down and bracing – shoot me a message.

Brace timing differences between bench press, deadlift, squats or running is immense.

The following tips and techniques will be of a huge benefit with regards to more results faster, as well as reduced risk of injuries.

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Functional training is:

Functional training is not what you see in all those crazy exercise videos on youtube and facebook – or is it?

You would like to know what is functional for you right? Together we will figure out what the most functional training plan will be for you.

There’s a huge discussion going on between personal trainers, sports coaches and avid exercise fanatics. “Functional training is:” verder lezen

Sport-Specific for all sorts of sports. (even golf and chess)

Sport Specific programming consists of many variables and in this blog post, I’d like to explain to you what kind of concepts you want to keep in mind.

It’s a science, which means that you will want to adapt certain aspects regularly according to the results you aim to achieve. This might seem daunting, to say the least, though if you keep the ideas, that I explain here, in mind it will help a lot.
“Sport-Specific for all sorts of sports. (even golf and chess)” verder lezen