55+ Fit and vital

You too can become – and stay super fit.
The training sessions can be held anywhere – at a location of your choice, at our favourite local training location, or outdoors in the fresh air

  • Verminderde kans op botbreuken
  • Increased reaction capacity
  • Improved balance
  • Feel younger and stronger again
  • Better mobility
  • Increase energy
  • Enjoy increased endurance – spend more time with your grandchildren

By building your strength and increasing your endurance and balance, you vastly reduce the likelihood of a fall and, if you do happen to fall, the chance of bone fractures much lower and your recovery capacity is significantly higher.

Apply for a trial session

During a short training session, we’ll look at your movement patterns, sleep, recovery, nutrition, stress and expectation management.

The training is tailored to your own personal goals.

  • Remain independent
  • Be in control of signs of ageing
  • Improve your sleeping pattern
  • Lower your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improve your digestion, reducing the likelihood of constipation
  • Increase your metabolism, reverse type 2 diabetes
  • Increase your aerobic capacity and mobility – Regular training with proper guidance/supervision helps you to improve your quality of life [1]

My work method and structure

We start with a movement scan, which shows me how we can improve your movement patterns, based on your physical goals.

You then receive a training programme that builds up gradually and carefully, starting off gently (to promote physical adaptations) – but a programme that leads to huge progress in just a few weeks, keeping the risk of injury to a minimum. This approach ensures that you’re able to continue to train.

When it comes to nutrition, we work out together exactly what’s right for you, to help you sustain it. No pointless and useless diet fads, but what fits you and your situation: now, in a few months’ time – and in a few years.

I want long-term results for everyone I coach – in terms of nutrition, training, exercise, lifestyle, health, fitness and capacity – both physical and mental.