Over mij

We can work on this together! With the right coaching and advice, you can take back control of your health, nutrition and exercise!

Who am I?

My name is Arlin Lagendijk, I was born in South Africa on 17 February 1978.
A true Aquarius, my favourite sport is surfing, with swimming as my strongest sport. In my schooldays, I took part in a number of sports, including
rugby, cricket, athletics (in particular 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, long jump, high jump, discus throwing, hurdles, javelin, 800 m, 1200 m), as well as karate, judo, wrestling, and so on.

My interest in good food has always motivated me to learn more about how nutrition affects both our mental and physical performance. Thanks to this passion, I’m constantly researching the effect that nutrition has on our recovery, rest, clarity of thought, performance – and not forgetting diseases and medical conditions.

My vision

How I view vitality and performance: there are three main building blocks that need to be in constant harmony – nutrition, recovery and exercise. This is where the magic happens – as long as these three building blocks are properly connected to one another.

It really can be that simple – yet most people have lost their way, thanks to all kinds of misleading sales talk from people with a good patter. That’s a real pity.

This is why we work with reliable, science-based perspectives when it comes to nutrition, sleep, recovery, exercise, and lifestyle.

I also apply a psycho-neuro- socio-biological perspective to the human way of life and anything that can influence our eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

After secondary school, I studied at the University of Potchefstroom, South Africa. I majored in psychology and took minor subjects such as English, physiology, anatomy, sociology, philosophy, criminology and so on.

I went on to focus fully on fitness and health, following training programmes such as Fitness A&B, Les Mills body pump, spinning and bootcamp

I then delved into personal training, following courses such as Fitvak, AALO, NASM, Post Rehab Essentials, Chivo Personal Trainer Pro and vitality coaching – and I haven’t stopped learning.

Additional courses include kettlebell pro, myofascial release, trigger point treatment, foam rolling, postural analyses, strength training, hypertrophy, rehabilitation system for the back, paleo perils, and more.

I graduated from personal trainer to vitality coach, as training is just one part of achieving proper results.

Some of my personal statistics: Deadlift 165 kg, squat 110 kg, bench press 105 kg, sprint 13.05 sec., 10 km run in 48 min., dead hang 2.35 min, surfing: 4 hrs.