For us, Coaching is chiefly focused on aspects relating to mental and physical health, in tandem with Vitality.
This does of course seem like an extremely wide range – and it is. The difference is that, at the personal level, it becomes highly specific.

Health & Performance

Do you want to be able to breathe properly? Move freely? Do you have an injury? Or would you like to beat stress?

Strength building

Do you want to be stronger and have more power? Or have more muscle mass and / or muscle definition?

Sporting performance

We begin a sport-specific training programme with movement analysis and specific tests tailored to your preferred sport(s).

Body composition

Do you want to be slimmer and feel more confident, with a toned, attractive body? We’ll help you to develop muscle tone rather than muscle mass.  


Do you want to be fit and healthy in general? For a wedding, or before and after pregnancy? Compete as an athlete? Or do you simply want to look and feel fantastic?

We can help you to feel physically, emotionally and mentally happier.

55+ Fit and vital

Reduced likelihood of bone fractures; improved reflexes. 

Improve your balance and feel younger, stronger, more energetic.

Nutrition for performance and vitality

A well as regular exercise, we want to optimise our nutrition, for a strong body and healthy mind.