For us, coaching is chiefly focused on aspects relating to mental and physical health, in tandem with Vitality.

What are your goals?

These could be getting fit, losing or gaining weight, stress management, expectation management, changing your mental and/or physical habits, developing a healthy relationship with food, improving your sleep quality, changing your body shape or improving your performance in a specific sport. Coping with periods of stress could also be one of your goals. this could include healthy stress, such as keeping down a top job. For managers, lawyers, politicians, business owners, and so on. And don’t forget parents – they’re also senior managers! As a healthy parent, you can enjoy more time with your children and be a good example to them.

My coaching - what’s involved?

In addition to fun and effective training, tailored to you as a person and to your specific goals, you’ll also receive:

  • A movement analysis at the beginning and at later intervals
  • Nutritional analysis and advice The best diet for you is one that you’re able to stick to, whether your goal is weight loss or weight gain. We’ll draw up a plan together
  • Analysis of your habits: in your lifestyle, at home and at work
  • Stress management: learn to cope with a certain level of stress and learn to prepare for periods of stress.
  • Expectation management: I’ll teach you to accept that good things generally take time, especially if you want results to last a lifetime.
  • Access to a coaching app, including food logging, recipes, challenges, nutrition plans, a library with over 500 exercises and more than 300 training plans (all adaptable to suit your personal goals).
  • Optional access to a private Facebook group that includes Q&As, a monthly recipe pack, (online) workshops on health, fitness, nutrition, tips and training schedules, videos on how to exercise correctly and safely, warming up, mobility, stability and training techniques.
  • Advice on the right clothing, footwear and training material – and where to find it.
  • Training programme tailored to your training location.


All of us have different goals. One person just wants to enjoy a good training session and someone else might need tips and coaching, in addition to training sessions. I’ll happily make you an offer tailored to your personal needs.

Drop me an email to request a personal offer or join me for a trial training session.

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If investing in yourself seems expensive, just imagine what you can gain from it – in as little as three months, you can change your food, sleep and exercise habits.

My training sessions equip you with the tools to improve your daily life – for the long term.

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