Why habit focus is better than the annual sugar free, weight-loss, detox nonsense.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s the same story every year. Over and over again. And I want to change that for you. By adapting your habits, and learning to stick to your new habits for the long run. Standard, the first couple of weeks of January, every freaking year. Detox teas, detox diet, fad diets, three-week weight-loss programs, weight loss supplements, crazy amazing pre/post pictures, metabolism reset, sugar-free January, yadayadayada!! So much BS within the fitness industry. Is it actually the fitness industry because these coaches and producers are not really helping these people to get fit. Especially not for the long run. They’re helping their client’s wallet to slim down, whilst fattening their own bank account. It’s all just expensive urine and a waste of time, effort, and money. The same goes for all those crazy supplements that give you promises of results within three weeks or so. I can help anyone lose weight in three weeks, and make nice pre/post pics, but that’s nonsense and not long-term. It’s all just hogwash BS. I prefer Hogwarts magic! And in my view, if I buy a car, but it doesn’t drive further than three kilometers, I’d be upset and make a fuss about it. But because the price is not that expensive, and people often feel they have failed their coach,  all of these ‘coaches’ and ‘trainers’ become rich off of other people’s backs. In all honesty, I find it quite deceitful. Though some new and young coaches mean well and are still a tad ignorant. And it is extremely demotivational for those who want it and need it the most. Anyways. Why does it not work, for so many people? Well, simply the detox nonsense, for example. Your body does the detox for you. If your body can’t do your detox for you, you don’t need a detox tea – you need a freaking hospital, or you’ll die. Everyone knows it, seriously, Everyone knows it – if you ask them about it in person. But why do people still fall for this? Simple, frustration, in their situation and, because they have not been properly coached in adapting their nutritional, sleep, and training habits. That’s it. So that’s what you want to work on. Habits. And then you want to think of changing the necessary habits. But how do you change habits? Well, you need to know that you’ve got those habits.  You need to know ‘when’ you have those habits. Thus, creating awareness and being honest with yourself, is of the essence. Which is tough for most people. But how does it work? First: You want be stand open for trustworthy science, and understand that you gain weight from consuming more calories than you burn/use. Not because of carbs, not because of fats, not because of protein, not because of water, not because ‘fill in any macro/micro nutrient’, but because of calories. Seriously, people who blame weight gain, or the lack of weight loss, on a micro or macronutrient, are simply discriminating. And I truly dislike discrimination, of all sorts. So if you accept that the science is clear about it, you know it’s calories. Great. That’s one awareness that you’ve got, so everyone that tells you you have to cut out carbs or cut out the fat- You can cut those people out of your perspective, with regards to health and weight loss. Cleaning up feels great Second: Understanding calories. Understanding where the calories are, in juices and coffee, latte macchiatos with sugar, and all other foods, snacks, and drinks, etc. I mean orange juice has got more calories than Coca-Cola, go figure. So now, knowing where the calories are, we can look at your moments in the day, that you tend to take more calories than you think. Consequently, we can look at adapting those habits, adapting those recipes, and adapting those calorie bombs. Say, for instance, you like Coca-Cola or fresh Orange juice. These days, we are in the lucky position that there are a whole bunch of low-calorie sodas/drinks available. So instead of buying high-calorie soda or juice, buy low-calorie soda and you’ll be dropping 300 calories that day. That’s a lot, from one little drink. Then you want to look at disruptors. What are disruptors? Well, disruptors are products or systems, that get you out of your automatic routine, which makes you lose track of your habits. That’s why most people barely notice their habits unless they are fully rested and in no way distracted. But, when we feel so relaxed, we don’t care much about bad habits anyway. It’s a bit of a conundrum. So, say for instance, when you go fill up your car and you buy a Mars bar and a Coca-Cola, with your normal banking card or cash, you can change your payment option. For example, you can only buy petrol with a special petrol card. Hide your bank card in the back of your wallet and don’t have cash with you. That’s a disrupter. You get disrupted in your normal routine of habitual actions. This makes you stop and realize that you do not automatically want, or need that mars bar and Coca-Cola. Different people, different goals, different disruptors. So you want to figure out, where you want to create disruptors, and you won’t be able to do this within a couple of weeks. All good things take time. But it’s the perfect investment for your life. You can also create disruptors for your sleep and activities/training routines. I cover quite a bit of sleeping regime disruptors in a coming article. All of those can have disruptors that can help you with your awareness and to make better decisions. I mean, for instance, if you sleep better because you have a better sleeping regime, you tend to be sharper during the day. So you are more aware of your habits, and consequently, you can make better choices and therefore, stick to your choices better. But, we all have bad/off days. When you’re distracted by a lack of sleep or by something that causes a form of stress, chronic stress, a pretty person walking by, etc. you tend to automatically go back into your old habits. Now that you know you’ve got your disruptors in place and know you can make mistakes: you don’t have to let one bad moment become a bad day, and let it become a bad week or become a bad month or a bad year. When you have a bad moment or you make a mistake, acknowledge it. You’re human too. Get back to your systems. Get back up, walk on, kick ass. But again, why do most people fall for all that crap, detox, and shit? Because they have not been coached through it properly. Think about it. It’s as simple as that. And if you would like half an hour of coaching or more, let’s get planning and you’ll see that you too can make big steps. Let me contact you – click on the button below: [maxbutton id=”1″ ] Or mail me at info@vitperform.com Keep well! Ciao, Arlin   Oh yes, research: ‘ juicing and “detox” diets can cause initial weight loss because of low intake of calories but that they tend to lead to weight gain once a person resumes a normal diet.’ From https://www.nccih.nih.gov/health/detoxes-and-cleanses-what-you-need-to-know


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