Sport-specific Performance

Sport specific

  • Triathlon – swimming, cycling, running
  • Marathon
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Surfing
  • Rugby
  • Athletics
  • Gymnastics
  • Basketball / Volleyball
  • Winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating)
  • and more.

 Olympic Athletes in their different shapes and sizes.

With planning your sport specific training we will start with a movement analysis and specific tests fine tuned for your specific sport.

Think of:
Jump power – acceleration in your sprints, jumping higher and a better perspective of your own capabilities (situation judgment).

Reaction capabilities – reacting sharper en faster, calculating your own reaction according to the situation. Sometimes you need to know if a lot or only a little drive is needed.

Ballance – optimal balance when receiving a ball whilst getting nudged by another player, dodging or recovering from a tackle.
Core – strength and stability – in all activities in sports (except chess) it’s of extreme importance that your core is strong as well as flexible enough to handle anything

Movement analyses according to the athlete and the sport at hand is something we’ll work with as well.

All other movement applications and perspectives get in play as well like explosiveness, power, endurance, heart-lung capacity, hand – eye coordination, interval training, VO2max, technique, etc…

Full attention will also be given to nutritional intake, nutritional timing as well as supplements where needed.

The coaching sessions can take place anywhere…at the location of your choice, your favourite location in the neighbourhood or outside in nature / on the beach.

Do not hesitate. Contact is now to plan for a meeting and we can discuss what will work best for you.

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