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Training, rest, and nutrition:


Whatever your goals are, with strength training the precise combination of strength exercises, repetitions, intensity, and rest are key.

For optimum results, it is necessary that muscle-specific combinations are trained together and in the correct sequence. Correctly done, strength training produces very small tears within the muscle fibres which, during recovery, will cause the muscle size and strength to increase. We apply the best standards of movement, technique and muscle fatigue in a safe and motivating environment so that you can achieve your strength goals.

We will design a program with your lifestyle in mind. Whether you want, or need, to train 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 times a week, an individualised training schedule can be built so you will achieve optimal results.

During the training, it is also important to take short breaks (40 to 180 seconds) between sets and repetitions. The duration of the rest time (recovery time) is specific to training intensity and goals.

We will make sure you are optimising every second of your training time!


Rest is important, whether it is the rest time between exercises and repetitions, the rest between training sessions, or your nocturnal sleeping patterns.

Between Repetitions: Short breaks between repetitions allow the body’s energy systems to recover sufficiently so that the next exercise set may be performed perfectly. Too little or too much rest can result in fewer great results.

Between Training Sessions: When training with the right intensity hairline cracks (lesions) are created in the muscles and recovery is needed. When appropriate recovery occurs, the muscle increases in strength and/or size. However, it is very important to know how much rest is needed. Too little or too much rest can hamper progress as well as cause injuries, muscle breakdown and tendon problems (over-training).

Sleep Patterns: A good sleep is also important. Unfortunately, with today’s busy lifestyles an eight-hour sleep is not always feasible. The right guidance can help you get back on track.


Your Body requires proper nutrition for the desired result!

After a sufficiently intense workout, you will have created hairline cracks (lesions) in the muscles.

For optimum muscle recovery and muscle growth, you will need sufficient proteins, and carbs, depending on what stage you are in, according to your goals. But of course, our bodies also need vitamins, minerals, and water for optimal muscle recovery. That said, it is also useful to know what impact diet (and supplements) have on our bodies, both on workout days and in daily life.

The coaching sessions can take place anywhere…at the location of your choice, our favourite location in the neighbourhood or outside in nature / on the beach.

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