In-person coaching, one on one or small group training

In-person coaching, one on one or small group training

Elaboration of each item further down

1. In-person coaching means more in-depth coaching, also during your trainings.

2. Your own personal coach to communicate with and receive tips from.

3. Accountability – this makes a huge difference to attaining your dream goal.

4. Besides a personalised training program you’ll have access to a huge library of exercise videos and training programs.

5. You will get Nutritional guidance where needed, including recipes and macro indications.

6. You get to join the on-line community with likeminded people to communicate with, share stories, ask questions and joke around.

7. You’ll learn all the techniques needed on improving your lifestyle, for example, your sleeping pattern, setting and keeping priorities, optimizing routines, breathing for body/movement/stress management

8. You’ll learn from coaching with years of experience in the field, the science background as well as continues updates on new techniques and approaches with regards to training, nutrition and lifestyle/vitality. Those years of experience include coaching world class athletes as well as people with extremely busy schedules, from a world leader to moms to lawyers and advisors and aspiring pro-athletes. If they can do it so can you – I’ll guide you through it all.

9. You will do a full movement screen so we can fine tune the planning according to you, your goals and your body.

10. There are also hybrid membership options.

You also get to choose which membership will suit you best. There are numerous coaching options ranging from  €70.00 per session to the all-in & all-round coaching program at €120 per session. There are also hybrid options available.

Your own personalized training program as well as nutritional coaching, cooking tips and lifestyle tweaks to improve your quality of life and attain your dream physique, health and lifestyle – and be able to make it last.

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Elaboration of the list above.

1. In-person coaching means coaching in real time. The advantages of direct feedback to everything that is of influence to your training technique as well as lifestyle aspects. Think of perfect breathing and bracing cues whilst you are executing an exercise. Furthermore, I’ll be able to fine tune your resistance, technique, speed and speed variations on the spot. It’s also possible that I notice a certain movement is still a tad complicated in which case we’ll adapt to a better movement option on the spot.

2. You’ll have access to a personal coach for all communication. This includes chatting about what works for you with regards to you attaining your goal. Every training is a miniature study course, with direct feedback and techniques. This greatly reduces the chances of miscommunication and thus increases your results at an even faster rate.

3. What type of accountability will this be for you? You’ll have someone you’ll want to share your story with and discuss aspects involving progress and sticking to your goals. Someone who understands. Through the years I’ve been through enough personal and body challenges like work stress, back injurie due to a massage badly done, knee injurie due to snowboarding but also needing to lose weight after a very busy study period when I just couldn’t be bothered with proper eating and you know university students, there’s enough beer. All of this in person, great fun and very specific right there and then.

4. As bonus to your personalized program you’ll have access to numerous types of exercise videos as well as full training programs to try out. Preferably checking with your coach on what would be best for you according to your personal goals and abilities. During our sessions we can also go through all of those options in person – direct feedback.

5. The nutritional guidance will be finetuned according to your goal and we can keep it to basics or go all-out in details ranging from daily calories to specific needs of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Also included are an array of quick and easy healthy recipes, food prep tips and ideas. In-person coaching has as added benefit that we’ll both know the same shops and locations so shopping tips are directly applicable. We can even plan in a shopping session to go through your favourite recipes and fine-tune them to healthier and / or lower calorie options. Very practical.

6. Within the on-line community you can ask questions, share stories, tips and joke around. Everyone can share ideas on, for instance, recipes for dinner parties or easy take along snacks.

7. Day by day you will get to learn all techniques and tips on the how and why with regards to improving your quality of life. This differs per person and their situation. Think of people with long or odd working hours, parents or people who travel often, for their work.

8. Self-explanatory and if you’re not sure what is meant you are welcome to contact us for further information.

9. You will greatly enjoy the thoroughness of the movement screen we work with. We work with a no impact movement analyses where we check all movements that give us a clear view to find any imbalances we want approach properly in your training plan. We’ll start off with giving you all the needed information on what movements you need to do and we will capture this on video, for further analyses and future references. If we notice something of importance we might go further with more specific movement scans, also with no impact movements. You can think of shoulder, neck, hip, knee or foot immobility / hypermobility that is of influence to the rest of your movement capabilities.

10. Hybrid options – a combination of in person and online coaching according to your needs and preferences.

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