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  • Would you like to be able to breathe normally?
  • Want to move freely?
  • Do you suffer from injuries or annoying irritations?
  • Do you have diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or dizziness?

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You know that correct nutritional intake in conjunction with proper regular exercise plays a vital role in your total health.

Unfortunately, there are so many nutrition myths and pseudo-scientific fitness claims circulating today, on TV and the internet, that it can be almost impossible to discern good advice from bad. Expert coaching will help you.

You will be able to critically understand confusing claims like:
“Everyone knows that brown (whole-wheat) bread is better than white bread but hardly anyone knows that modern growing methods have depleted the nutritional value of today’s grain.

Did you know that most fruit and vegetables on the shelves of your supermarket are sprayed with chemicals to stay fresh-looking for longer?

Did you know that because of growth manipulation, today’s tomato has much fewer nutrients than 50 years ago.”

Do you know how to read food labels to find out the food facts you need to know instead of the ones advertisers choose to tell you? Do you need to read labels?

What can you do? With the right guidance and advice, you can be in control of your own health.

We can help you.

The coaching sessions can take place anywhere…at the location of your choice, our favourite location in the neighbourhood or outside in nature / on the beach.
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