Strength building

  • Improved strength, increased power
  • Increased muscle mass, muscle definition
  • Increased muscle volume, muscle size
  • Body building
  • Take control of your body
  • Know which supplements work and which don’t


Training is made up of the right combination of strength exercises, repetitions, intensity and (short) rest breaks.

It’s vital for muscle-specific combinations to be trained together with optimal cooperation, and support.

If the right sequence and safe standards of execution and technique are followed, muscle fatigue occurs, resulting in microscopic tears to the fibre and connective tissue of the muscles trained. During the recovery period, the muscles will then increase in size and strength.

The frequency of training sessions should be in keeping with how often someone’s able to train; for optimum results, we’ll draw up a 1,2,3,4,5 or even 6-day training schedule.
During the training it’s important to incorporate short rest breaks (between 40 and 180 seconds) between sets and repetitions, depending on the intensity of the training and its specific objective.



There are different types of rest – for example:

  • Rest between exercises and repetitions
  • Rest and recovery between training sessions
  • Sleep!

Short breaks between sets of repetitions should allow for full recovery, so that the next set can be performed well. While too little or too much rest between reps can negatively affect the results, a short break can provide a highly effective cardiovascular stimulus.

When training is sufficiently intensive and microscopic tears occur in the muscles, recovery is called for. Good recovery enables the muscles to gain strength and/or grow in size. It’s extremely important to know how much recovery is needed – for example, too little or too much rest and recovery can result in injury, loss of muscle, ligament problems, or even a total lack of progress.

Sleep is also vitally important – we’ve all heard of the recommended eight hours’ sleep every night. Unfortunately, this isn’t always achievable in today’s busy world, and the right guidance can make all the difference.


To supplement a sufficiently intensive training programme, proteins are necessary, to allow the muscles to recover from the microtears and to promote muscle recovery and growth. And don’t forget that carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals and water are required for optimum muscle recovery! It’s useful to learn about the influence that nutrition and nutritional supplements have on our body – before, during and after training sessions, as well as on rest days and at night.

To make optimum use of nutrition, supplements can sometimes be handy, but we don’t usually need them.

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