Body composition

  • Tone your body and increase your body confidence
  • Achieve an attractive, toned body
  • Develop muscle tone rather than muscle mass
  • We develop exercises for you to do at your desk or in your daily life

My work method and structure

Remember … good training doesn’t mean building muscle!
The right kind of training programme stimulates and activates the muscles so that they grow stronger. This creates a need for a muscle recovery period, which could take 24 hours or longer. During the recovery period, your fat burning rate is increased – even while you sleep. How great is that?

With my guidance, your muscle tone will be both natural and healthy.

Apply for a coaching session

During a short training session, we’ll look at your movement patterns, sleep, recovery, nutrition, stress and expectation management.

The training is tailored to your goals.

With the right training, guidance and nutrition, you can transform your body – in a healthy way – into the toned body you’ve always wanted!

Our coaching sessions can be held anywhere: at a location of your choice, your favourite local training location, outdoors in the fresh air, or at home.

Don’t hesitate – take that step towards the toned body you deserve – call me to schedule an appointment and start to improve your life.

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