Body composition

Body composition Tone your body and increase your body confidence Achieve an attractive, toned body Develop muscle tone rather than muscle mass We develop exercises for you to do at your desk or in your daily life My work method and structure Remember … good training doesn’t mean building muscle!The right kind of training programme […]

Strength building

Strength building Improved strength, increased power Increased muscle mass, muscle definition Increased muscle volume, muscle size Body building Take control of your body Know which supplements work and which don’t Training Training is made up of the right combination of strength exercises, repetitions, intensity and (short) rest breaks. It’s vital for muscle-specific combinations to be […]

Sport-specific performances

Sport-specific performances When developing a sport-specific training programme, we start with an easy to do movement analysis, and specific tests where needed, tailored to your particular sport. Affiliated with the Dutch Olympics coaches network Triathlon – swimming, cycling, running Marathon Golf Football Surfing Rugby Athletics Gymnastics Basketball or volleyball Winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, skating, langlauf) […]

Health & Performance

Health & Performance We all know it, and it’s been scientifically proven over and over again, that proper nutrition, in tandem with regular exercise and good sleeping habits, play major roles, in terms of our overall health. Unfortunately. there are so many falsehoods in circulation on this subject – on TV, on the internet – […]

Nutrition for performance and vitality

The right nutrition to achieve the results you want! As well as regular exercise, we want to optimise our dietary patterns, not only for a strong body and a healthy mind, but also for health and recovery! It makes sense to be aware of the influence that nutrition has on our bodies – before, during […]


Women With the right tailor-made training, intensity, guidance and nutritional advice you can increase your (fat) burning, improve your (pelvic) stability, tone your body, improve your bodily functions and increase your recovery capacity. Become fit and healthy: Wedding fit Pre- and post-pregnancy Reduce cellulite Sculpt a beautiful and toned body Compete as an athlete or […]

55+ Fit and vital

55+ Fit and vital You too can become – and stay super fit.The training sessions can be held anywhere – at a location of your choice, at our favourite local training location, or outdoors in the fresh air Verminderde kans op botbreuken Increased reaction capacity Improved balance Feel younger and stronger again Better mobility Increase […]