Body shaping

Would you like to

  • Feel and look leaner.
  • Build a shapelier body.
  • Develop muscle shape instead of muscle bulk.
  • Learn tips for exercising at your desk or in your everyday environment.

Remember… Proper training does not mean big muscles!

Through appropriate training, the muscle fibres are stimulated and activated in order to become stronger. For training to be effective, muscles need to recover after each training session for a minimum of 24 hours.

During this recovery period, your fat burning % will be much higher due to your training. Even while you sleep! How nice is that?

Proper training will give your muscles a more natural and healthy shape.

With proper training and dietary guidance, your body will transform into the lean body that you’ve been dreaming of.
The coaching sessions can take place anywhere…at the location of your choice, our favourite location in the neighbourhood or outside in nature / on the beach.

Do not hesitate. Contact us now to plan for a meeting, in-person or via skype, and we can discuss what will work best for you.

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