Online coaching.


  1. You can have the freedom to train where and when you want to.
  2. You will get the perfect, research driven training program for optimal progress.
  3. Your own personal coach to communicate with and receive tips from.
  4. Accountability – this makes a huge difference to attaining your dream goal. Explain how & why further down.
  5. Besides a personalized training program, you’ll have access to a huge library of exercise videos and training programs.
  6. You will get Nutritional guidance where needed, including recipes and macro indications.
  7. You get to join the online community with like-minded people to communicate with, share stories, ask questions and joke around.
  8. You’ll learn all the techniques needed on improving your lifestyle, for example, your sleeping pattern, setting and keeping priorities, optimizing routines, breathing for body/movement/stress management
  9. You’ll learn from coaching with years of experience in the field, the science background as well as continued updates on new techniques and approaches with regards to training, nutrition and lifestyle/vitality.Those years of experience include coaching world class athletes as well as people with extremely busy schedules, from a world leader to moms to lawyers and advisors and aspiring pro-athletes. If they can do it so can you – I’ll guide you through it all.
  10. You will do a full movement screen so we can fine tune the planning according to you, your goals and your body.

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You also get to choose which membership will suit you best. There are numerous coaching options ranging from  €25.00 per week to the all-in & all-round coaching program at €150 p/week.

What started off as an extra service for all my set clients, years ago, has grown to be an all-round on-line coaching possibility for anyone – anywhere.

It started with holiday / travel planning for all my clients, with regards to training according to their goals, including aspects from nutritional guidance to sleeping tips abroad. Yes, sleeping tips, because an insufficient sleeping pattern has a huge influence on your total daily productivity, drive, mindset and internal motivation to making the best choices (lifestyle) Think of advisors, politicians and pro-athletes that need to travel frequently and still perform at their best, for whatever reason.

So how would like to have your own personal coach for a fraction of the price?

Your own personalized training program as well as nutritional coaching, cooking tips and lifestyle tweaks to improve your quality of life and attain your dream physique, health and lifestyle – and be able to make it last.