I’m too old to train, training causes injuries?

This is dedicated to everyone that says training hard is bad for you.

As omnivorous creatures, we need to keep moving with variety. So we need to train strength as well as balance, reaction capabilities, mobility, power, speed, endurance, and power.

The regularity of people stating “I’m too old to train” always frightens me and yes, sadly, I hear these kinds of comments weekly to even daily – when people see my clients training and sweating.

I have numerous clients that are over 50 years old and because they train regularly and varied, as we do, they feel fitter and stronger than ever before plus, and this is a big plus, fewer injuries i.e. back problems, shoulder problems, etc.  Have a look at what some of them say on my  recommendations page.

World leaders like Barack Obama and Mark Rutte (NL) are fitter than they were 8 years ago, now personally, I’ve got nothing to do with Barack Obama, but Mark’s C & J is at 65kg’s. What are C & J’s? I’ll teach you.

Link to BNR article 

Use it or lose it.

Irony has it that those people who think they’re too old to train actually become weaker and less mobile because they don’t train regularly.

Our bodies adapt according to our regular activities so you do the math; if you don’t do anything your body simply adapts to handle nothing.

To give you a visual: when someone breaks an arm, what does that arm look like after the cast comes off in say 8 weeks, not even to mention the total lack of strength & coordination.

In eight weeks so much loss of proper movement.

Another visual because I really want to make this clear to you: when someone goes to the hospital for a while they lose about 8% muscle mass & functionality per day – yes, per day!

keep training at all ages or you will lose your ability to move and thus lose your freedom. Sounds harsh but personally, I find it very sad when I see how many people can keep up their quality of life by training regularly though they don’t know how simple yet important it can be.



‘within the scientific community, there is consensus that merely a few days of muscle disuse already leads to various negative health consequences’

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