Functional training is:

Functional training is not what you see in all those crazy exercise videos on youtube and facebook – or is it?

You would like to know what is functional for you right? Together we will figure out what the most functional training plan will be for you.

There’s a huge discussion going on between personal trainers, sports coaches and avid exercise fanatics.

But what does that mean to you?

For instance, a lot of sports coaches think strength training is not functional for their multi-sprint sports athletes, I discuss this here.

If you’re amped to learn what type of training would be functional for you  Start here

But what exactly is functional training?
Everyone’s got their own argument but what if everyone has a point?

I think they do.

If your goal is to score “likes” to increase your brand’s name awareness, then that’s your goal, and if you want to do that with a video showing a high-risk exercise, well, so be it. Then it’s functional for your goal, right?

My perspective on functional is that the exercise should have a positive influence on attaining your goals, with as little as possible risk involved for the trainee/athlete.

I call this the “Risk – Reward ratio”.

A classic frowned upon exercise is the squat on a Bosu ball.
Comments, from profesional trainers, vary from dangerous, useless, dumb, etc.
But is it?

So when I see someone doing a, sometimes loaded, squat, on an upside down Bosu ball, the first thing I would like to ask them is “why?”

Let’s stick to this example. So why would someone want to do this? Let’s break it down:

Risk – there’s a huge chance that you can lose balance and hurt or even break your ankle. Worth it? For the general population that can be answered with a big NO. Though if you are training for surfing, skiing, skateboarding, kitesurfing or wakeboarding, this might be worth the risk.

Reward – when training for unstable board sports, then you can make big improvements on your balance capabilities for your sports.

But if you do not take part in any unstable board sports, there’s really no reason. Think about it, rugby or shopping, it’s always on stable, though sometimes uneven, surfaces.

This is but one example though there are many more “functional” exercises that we can go through.

Would you like to find out what’s functional for you, to improve your body for your goals? Give us a shout.

Chat soon and stay strong & safe.

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